Tailored to your needs.

We understand that every practice is different, and like you, we believe that every patient should get the best care suited to their personal needs, so we’ve produced a comprehensive guide that will help you fit the MP-eye into your existing patient journey.

The MP-eye can fit seamlessly into a pre-screening routine, optometrist led exam, or even on the dispensing counter.

Contact us to receive your “Practice Implementation Guide” and find out how we can help you to adopt the MP-eye in a way that suits your practice.

We provide a full suite of online training guides available 24/7 so that your staff can become proficient with the MP-eye at their own speed, and can take refresher courses whenever they need to.

In addition, our team are happy to provide business consultancy that will help you adopt the MP-eye quickly and easily, and track it’s impact on your patients’ behaviour and your practice revenue.

Making your team productive

Engaging your patients

The MP-eye gives you the potential to change your patients’ behaviours and improve their long-term eye heath.

When used in combination with the MP-eye test, the printed test report and patient leaflet facilitate a guided, positive conversation with your patients around strategies and products that can help them protect their vision through life.

Many practitioners have told us that they would like more information on the range of products and advice that patients with low natural defences can benefit from.

We’ve created a guide that not only highlights the products that will help patients, but provides a summary of the the latest research that supports their benefits to the patient.

Boosting practice revenue

Let us help

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