Assess and track your patients' macular pigment density over time


Easy to use

The simple test protocol does not require users to have any medical training.
The tablet interface is intuitive and leads you through the examination so that you can focus on your patient.
The MPeye is suitable for any test or pretest routine.


An MP-eye test takes typically takes less than a minute.
Now you can assess macular pigments as part of your standard eye examination.



Tracking changes in your patients over time requires equipment that behaves consistently.
The MPeye delivers highly repeatable results, so that you can be confident in each assessment.



With a footprint of less than 30cm/12" square, the MPeye fits into any examination room or pre-examination area.

Check for change

The MPeye outputs a single score that ranks the strength of your patients' macular pigments against the wider population.
Regular assessment using the MPeye will enable you to detect changes in your patient's score.
Significant decreases in this score could provide early warning of underlying eye health issues.

Tailor advice

The MPeye helps you identify people who would most benefit from additional eyecare products and services.
Empower your patients to make lifestyle changes that maintain long-term eye health.

Contact us to find out how the MPeye can help you.